Aidan Madigan

Account Manager

ABOUT Aidan Madigan

Aidan likes to say that her career at Page One all began in the back seat of Toyota 4Runner: on a road trip back from Yellowstone and with her 90-pound dog Jamaica resting in her lap, she submitted her resume. She knew that her determination, resourcefulness, adaptability, and spirit of exploration would make her the perfect addition to the Accounts Management team.

With a background in local advertising (radio), WordPress development, and project coordination, Aidan has a keen ability to communicate with clients. She partners with them through the web development and digital marketing process, ensuring their needs are met from concept to campaign.

Aidan moved to Maine after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Communications from the University of Connecticut in 2017. She settled down on the Saco River with her main squeeze Reid and furry friends, Jamaica and Flakes. On the weekends you can find her at Sunday River teaching kiddos how to ski the slopes or in the garage converting her van for next summer’s road trip.

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Callie Walker

As Digital Marketer, Callie truly puts her list-making tendencies to work. She collaborates directly with our Marketing Director, PPC and SEO Specialists to execute a variety of marketing initiatives and strategies for our clients.

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