Darrel Grosvalet

Designer & Developer

ABOUT Darrel Grosvalet

Darrel is a designer, developer and dreamer. Originally from New York, he is a transplant and has lived in Maine for eight years. Always looking towards the future of design and development, he’s always keeping up on new technology and design trends. With a degree in programming and a burning passion for pixel perfect design, he is always ready for a challenge and views problems from many perspectives. Darrel truly loves to learn and create daily. He’s well suited for being on multifaceted teams who work towards completing tasks on time and exceeding the expectations of all stakeholders involved. 

Darrel spends many evenings creating, building, developing and designing.  He’ll also occasionally record a podcast with his partner philosophizing about being post modern hipsters living in Portland Maine.  You’ll find Darrel working on projects, crushing goals and thinking about the future. He also enjoys making YouTube videos about how to’s, places he visits, and life in general.