Jeremy Allmendinger

Account Manager

ABOUT Jeremy Allmendinger

A proud Maine islander, Jeremy has lived all over the world but somehow always lands back in his beloved Portland. Coming from a boisterous family of seafaring foodies, his culinary curiosity and love of people takes him around the country and across the sea. After years spent between Vermont and Ireland, Jeremy has finally settled down in Portland’s beautiful West End with his partner and their pooch, Mary Ann.

When he’s not organizing his Hawaiian shirt collection or restoring mid-century furniture, Jeremy lives for every detail of his digital marketing campaigns. He has shared his passion for SEO/SEM and web analytics at speaking events nationwide, with a zeal matched only by his fascination with people and love of his hair. Over the past decade, his unique expertise has brought him to Google, Nestlé, the Culinary Institute of America, and many other leading organizations. Ask him about his favorite local restaurants if you have a day or three to spare.

Jeremy’s years of international freelancing have exposed him to a wide range of industries, from education to publishing, and from auto dealers to snack-food startups. These pursuits have resulted in a depth of understanding not only of his clients’ products but of their specific needs both digital and person-to-person. A former street magician, lounge pianist, theatre director, tour guide, and culinary consultant, relationship building remains his bread and butter. Just don’t insult his precious Moxie. Or do – he collects the best-disgusted descriptions on his travel blog.

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