Remy Lindemann

Senior Front-End Designer/Developer

ABOUT Remy Lindemann

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Remy brings 15 years of design and development experience to the table as Page One’s Senior Front-End Designer/Developer. Armed with a formidable beard, and with his trusty beagle Argos by his side, Remy makes sure that his designs look sharp, his websites function correctly, and his projects stay on target.

A graduate of IU Bloomington with a degree in English, Remy possesses a unique set of skills; marrying the visual aesthetics of design with the craft of a wordsmith, Remy has been able to put all of his skills to use at Page One Web Solutions.

Though Remy is a native of New York City – the Rego Park area of Queens, specifically – his wanderlust and nomadic nature have taken him to exotic locales around the country. Fresh out of school, he cut his interactive teeth in Las Vegas, NV during the dotcom bubble, working with Harrah’s Entertainment on their first big push into the online realm. In its first year alone, the newly revamped Harrahs.com generated over $10.5 million in hotel reservations and accumulated over 1 million hits per month. A handful of years later, he found himself in Detroit, MI, working for such global institutions as JWT and McCann-Erickson. At these ad agencies, he designed and developed campaigns for such clients as ABC, Ford, Chrysler, General Motors, Northrup Grumman, XM Radio, and many more.

In addition to his work duties, Remy is also a fan of video games, board games, arcades, cult films, and music. In his spare time, he hosts a weekly radio show on WMPG, composes original music, and plays in several local bands. With his wife, Sam, he loves exploring all that the beautiful state of Maine has to offer.