Patrick Robinson


ABOUT Patrick Robinson

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Pat Robinson got his start working in sales for a large, national industrial advertising firm. It occurred to him that his clients would be better served by promoting themselves directly through search engines and local marketing rather than through third party advertising portals, but the proper tools (Google was just taking off) weren’t available yet. So when his lifelong friend, Sully, asked him to join Page One Web Solutions, it was a no-brainer. Pat brought with him a wealth of experience in sales and a client-first approach that has helped shape the way Page One does business. Together Pat and Sully worked tirelessly to turn Page One into a success.

“I enjoy the process of seeing something grow. Intuitive design and smart marketing lead to more traffic, better leads and happier clients.”

When Pat isn’t obsessing over garnering more leads for Page One, he enjoys gardening, being outdoors and spending time with his family; Jenna and their two sons, Sam and Alex.