Stuart Letizia

Front End Designer/Developer

ABOUT Stuart Letizia

Stuart Letizia is a web developer, graphic designer, and digital illustrator. He loves tackling a variety of tasks, whether solving complex problems or thinking conceptually outside the box.

Moving to Maine from Ohio at the age of 5, Stuart grew up enjoying Maine’s woods and beaches. He was later sidetracked by Florida’s warmer temperatures where he graduated from Pensacola Christian College with a bachelor’s and Master of Fine Arts.

As a wearer of many hats, Stuart’s experiences ranged widely from webmaster, to CSS college class instructor, to agency designer, to freelancing.

During his downtime, Stuart enjoys coconut flavored lattes, video game modding, LEGO building, board game concept art, Tiki culture, Smooth Jazz, and vacations to tropical destinations.

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Callie Walker

As Digital Marketer, Callie truly puts her list-making tendencies to work. She collaborates directly with our Marketing Director, PPC and SEO Specialists to execute a variety of marketing initiatives and strategies for our clients.

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