Patrick Sullivan


ABOUT Patrick Sullivan

Sully Animation

Patrick Sullivan (aka “Sully”) founded P1WS during the summer of 2006. Having studied business at Northeastern University in Boston, MA, he received degrees in both Management and Management Information Systems. Out of school, Sully worked in the web development and marketing industry for a few years in a sales and consulting role. All the while gaining knowledge and experience in the area of B2B Internet Marketing. Eventually Sully realized that his clients would benefit greatly from one shop that could offer everything… from web design and development to internet marketing, SEO and paid search. P1WS was officially born.

When he’s not working, Sully enjoys seeing music of all kinds, cooking, reading, traveling and spending time with his wife Christine, their son Evan and their Labradoodle, Arlo. Being one of the P1WS office dogs, Arlo spends his days either playing with his office canine friends or sleeping in his bed under Sully’s desk.