Responsive Web Design
Responsive Website Design & Development

What is Responsive Web Design?

Our Web Development team designs and builds websites that encourage users to take action when they are on a page by offering them a design that utilizes relevant and eye-catching calls to action. You can’t simply build a website and expect that users will convert. The design needs to be strategic and anticipate the needs of your target audience while presenting information and products in such a way that users will be enticed to take the steps necessary to convert.

What is Makes a Website Responsive?

A responsive website is a single site that adapts to the device of each unique user, whether they are on a desktop or using a smartphone or tablet. When a website is responsive, it dynamically resizes its content, menus, and imagery for the device being used. This enhances the site’s functionality and ensures an optimal user experience. At Page One, we exclusively provide responsive web development and consider it an SEO best practice.

Do I Need a Responsive Website?

If you already have a WordPress site but it’s not responsive, don’t worry! We can develop it for you. If you are on a different platform but you’re looking to move to a responsive web design, we can do that too. Our team can start from the ground up by planning, designing and developing a beautiful responsive website that will increase your traffic and conversion rates across any device.