WordPress Multisite Web Development
WordPress Multisite Web Development

Streamline Microsites with a WordPress Multisite Setup

A WordPress Multisite is an ideal solution for businesses that want to simplify ownership of multiple microsites. Whether you own multiple companies or have a multi-faceted community such as agents that work for one realtor, a multisite administrator can control and maintain the individual sites, branding, and site tools in one place.

Here are some of the benefits of having a WordPress Multisite setup:

An Evolving Industry Demands Brand Growth

A multisite has a single network admin but each microsite has its own local admin. Community members or local admins can be given the ability to add sites for new events, product campaigns, new departments, or for whatever else is needed to grow your brand.

Maintain and Control Your Site with Ease

The administrator of multiple standalone sites has to update each site separately but for a multisite installation, it is much more simple. One WordPress update applies to all the sites and the plugins. The same is true for plugin and theme installations. As a network administrator, you can install new plugins from one place.

Streamline Your Content Syndication

Do you want to share new content easily? Of course! Sites in a Multisite network don’t automatically share content, but plugins can be set up to read content from one site to another, without having the overhead of making an HTTP request to a remote site. A WordPress Multisite installation reduces the time required to manage users and WordPress features and because time is money, it can also cut costs for your business.