Meet the Team

Meet the team

Like instruments in an orchestra, each member of our team brings their unique sound to create one harmonious melody.

The diverse, multi-talented team at Page One is comprised of experienced SEOs, internet marketers, graphic designers, web developers and project managers. As a full-service internet marketing company our multidisciplinary background gives us a wide range of experience spanning more than 50 different industries. Our internet marketing company is ready to work with you to create a marketing solution that fits your vision and the needs of your specific industry. 

Get to know the team a bit by checking out our bios below.

Pat Sullivan

Jam Band Jersey Boy

With a passion for data and technology and the mindset that work should be fun, Patrick created what is now Page One Web Solutions. He enjoys finding talented people and building a dynamic team. With that team, Patrick quarterbacks all of the happenings at Page One, whether it be internal initiatives or specific client projects, he’s always available to offer his insight and leadership.
Patrick Sullivan
Jeremy Lindemann

Design Development DJ

A graduate of IU Bloomington with a degree in English, Remy possesses a unique set of skills; marrying the visual aesthetics of design with the craft of a wordsmith, Remy has been able to put all of his skills to use at Page One Web Solutions.
Remy Lindemann
Senior Front-End Designer/Developer
I an

The Data Doctor

Ian’s Quality Score is an eleven when it comes to Google AdWords. Working for a variety of industries over the years, he has learned a set of best practices that will help any company succeed in the paid search arena. Whether it’s building a paid search plan from the ground up or optimizing a longstanding account, Ian will squeeze every last click and conversion out of a search.
Ian Dawson
Paid Search Manager
Ellis Roakes

Code Combobulator

After joining Page One straight out of college, Ellis put his eye for detail and passion for problem-solving to use in creating and maintaining P1WS’s wide portfolio of sites.With a healthy blend of front-end design and back-end coding skills, he’s well-equipped to take on any web development challenge that comes his way.
Ellis Roakes
Senior Back-End Developer
Darrell Grosvalet


As Page One's newest Designer & Developer, Darrel truly values accurate, well-executed web development and design that exceeds client expectations. With a degree in programming and a burning passion for pixel-perfect design, he is always ready for a challenge and views problems from many perspectives.
Darrel Grosvalet
Designer & Developer

He’s Got Moxie

Jeremy’s years of international freelancing have exposed him to a wide range of industries, from education to publishing, and from auto dealers to snack-food startups. These pursuits have resulted in a depth of understanding not only of his clients’ products but of their specific needs both digital and person-to-person. A former street magician, lounge pianist, theatre director, tour guide, and culinary consultant, relationship building remains his bread and butter.
Jeremy Allmendinger
Project Manager
Jenika Pouliot

Marketing Mama

Jenika coordinates all marketing initiatives that occur within the walls of Page One. She works with her amazing SEO, Paid Search, Social Media and Email Marketing Teams to increase the online visibility of Page One’s clients.
Jenika Pouliot
VP of Operations
Becky Grzesik

Content Cook

Becky’s specialties include organic search marketing, data analysis, content strategy and development, and editing. If you need something edited, send it to her! As an SEO Specialist at P1WS, she strives to stay current on the dynamically changing SEO trends (and believe us, they're always changing!) in order to tailor campaigns based on clients needs. She is a University of Maine Farmington graduate, with a degree in Visual Culture and English Literature.
Becky Grzesik
SEO Specialist
Chris Slesarchik

Shutterstock Model

Chris joined Page One with a number of search optimization accomplishments already under his belt, from working in-house to increase organic traffic at a large international company, to successfully optimizing and promoting his personal business in stock photography sales online.
Chris Slesarchik
SEO Specialist
Chrystine Muncherian

Pixel Pixie

Chrystine is a passionate designer who loves bridging the gap between a brand’s goals and their customers’ digital experience. Always looking for smart development solutions to her front-end designs, she cares about meeting the needs of the client while creating the best user experience for their audience.
Chrystine Muncherian
Front-End Designer & Developer

Bonnie Vivante

As a developer, Jordan has taken part in numerous collaborative builds, from concept to deployment, with both junior and senior developers. Jordan really loves being part of a team, working with creative minds, learning new skills and ultimately, launching the finished product!
Jordan Haddadi
Junior Software Developer
Mike Mayo

Comedic Improvisor Extraordinaire

Mike's expertise is reaching the needs of the local market. He's been working in local advertising sales for over 15 years and understands the unique challenges and specific needs of Portland's local businesses. His goal is to meet and build relationships with businesses owners and provide them with the perfect marketing mix to help their businesses grow.
Mike Mayo
VP of Client Services
Koren Bouchard

Vodka Vixen

Koren’s strengths in technical SEO and project management have facilitated her instant success in producing effective SEO plans for new clients. Her affinity for learning about new tactics and changes in SEO best practices helps the whole team keep our clients content cutting-edge and competitive.
Koren Bouchard
SEO Specialist

Team Playa

As our team's Digital Marketer, Callie truly puts her list-making obsession to work. She covers everything from SEO to content writing and collaborates closely with our VP of Operations, PPC and SEO Specialists to execute a variety of marketing initiatives and strategies for our clients.
Callie Walker
Digital Marketer
Lauren Garrard

The Other One

As Page One's newest Project Manager, Lauren exercises her passion for collaboration daily. Whether it's facilitating a long-term marketing strategy or helping to steer the fulfillment of a UX-driven website project, she always takes a unique, custom-tailored approach to ensuring the client's needs are met from concept to fruition.
Lauren Garrard
Project Manager

Beach Bum

Vanessa has a true appreciation for clients who are trusting of her expertise and the Page One team. As an Account Manager, she works hard to honor deadlines and manage projects all while keeping a positive attitude! She also loves the diversity of her clients and being able to learn about new industries.
Vanessa Ricks
Project Manager


Page One Web Solutions acknowledges that studies have shown having dogs in the workplace increases productivity and creativity, decreases absenteeism, and improves coworker relationships and teamwork. Here at Page One, we treat our canine children as part of the team.


First Puppy

Being the first puppy of the office, Arlo makes sure that each office dog plays a specific role at Page One. Though enjoying our time at work is something that is important to everyone at Page One, it's Arlo's job to make sure that the dogs don't get too rambunctious. He keeps them on task and on good behavior. When he isn't patrolling the office he enjoys playing whit his favorite ball in his yard, cuddles with his parents, and considers himself a foodie, just like his dad.
The Fun Police

Gentle Giant

Blue truly lives up to his name as a gentle giant. He is an old soul and, although typically cool as a cucumber, you can guarantee he'll be on his feet to welcome you with a big grin when you walk in. When he's not putting in a hard day at the office, you can find him at the beach, sneaking his favorite foods (coconut popsicles and McDonald's cheeseburgers), or somewhere up in the mountains.
Director of First Impressions

Argos Huffington Specklebelly

The elder of the Page One Pups, Argos spends the majority of his days overseeing the Web Development Team from the comfort of his dog bed. He is highly skilled in sneaking the other dogs' breakfasts and offering an afternoon mood boost with his distinct beagle "bay." When Argos isn't providing his wisdom to the younger pups at Page One you can find him spending most of his time with his mom and his dad, possibly snuggled under the covers of their bed, sneaking his feline siblings' food, avoiding rain, and devouring the occasional french fry.
Rest & Relaxation Specialist

Trash Monster

Abe is a spunky troublemaker who never ceases to keep the office on their toes with his mischevious ways. While his big brother, Blue, is the more serious type at work, Abe likes to truly enjoy himself at all times because life is short. When he's not working hard to make his coworkers give him treats, he's usually wrestling with his brother, swimming in whatever body of water is closest, or eating socks.
Unpaid Intern

Boy Scout

Scout is a forever puppy Labradoodle. Weighing in at 72 pounds, Scout is the largest of the office pups. Although only putting in contract part-time hours, when in the office he commands attention. He gets his work done quickly and is eager to play. When he’s not assisting his dad in the office, he’s busy playing with his brothers Justin and Evan at home, guarding the house from pesky squirrels and romping around the neighborhood with his best friend Bentley from across the street. For those looking to make friends with Scout, the way to his heart is bacon and cheese.
Part-time PIA

Sour, Then Sweet

Izzy takes full advantage of the term “puppy dog eyes.” Even though she doesn’t always listen to her mom, one look and she’s back on her good side. She loves playing with the other pups in the office and saying “hi” to everyone that comes in. And she’ll do just about anything for a treat. After she clocks out, Izzy spends most of her time going on long walks, taking swims, and sleeping on the couch.
Welcoming Committee