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Since 1996, Joe Shean and his hardworking team at RP Abrasives have been providing deburring, bead blasting, and metal finishing services to a unique, but ever-growing niche, of customers in the manufacturing industry. Despite pressure from others in their sector to move business overseas, RP Abrasives remains steadfast in their desire to reshore all their manufacturing efforts. With their state-of-the-art facility and extensive finishing capabilities, RP Abrasives continues to provide and produce excellent quality products.


RP Abrasives came to Page One with a two prong goal set; one was to help them create an updated, responsive, extremely easy to navigate website, and two – to help them grow as a company by increasing the number of customers they serve. Though they had previously dabbled in some light internet marketing services for a number of years, upon review, our team found the tactics used by the previous company outdated and in need of refining. In addition, the website needed to be updated and given a design treatment that would elicit more action and a better UX for the prospective client.

They needed a partner to:

  • Create a custom WordPress website that was easy to use.
  • Develop a website design that supports a conversion strategy.
  • Create and implement a successful SEO (organic search) strategy.
  • Offer comprehensive analytics to help grow the customer base.


Working in collaboration, our marketing and design teams created and implemented a clean, easy to navigate, and conversion-orientated website design. With WordPress as a CMS, the client was offered the tools and knowledge to be able to make simple text and imagery edits in real time. With prominent calls to action strategically placed throughout the website, a site visitor is able to easily determine how to contact RP Abrasives.

After integrating our strategic SEO onsite optimization changes, and with consistent monthly monitoring and tweaking, RP Abrasives has seen dramatic increase in leads and client acquisition since the launch of their new website in the beginning of Q4 2014. One of the biggest improvements RP Abrasives has noted since working with Page One is the ability to gain real data on the customers that are visiting and interacting with their website. With Page One’s analytical suite, Leadcaster by KickFire, the client is able to get contact information down to the email of individuals browsing the website. For RPA this has been pivotal as they work to grow and diversify their customer base.

Client Statement

We have worked with Page One for more than two years. During that time, Page One has always been professional, polite and pleasant. They know their business, they get us great results and we enjoy working with them.

Joe Shean, Owner

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