Chris Slesarchik

Director of Digital Strategy

ABOUT Chris Slesarchik

Chris Animation
A love of the outdoors and a penchant for adventure lead Chris to hang his hat in Maine. Originally from New Jersey (correctly pronounced “joy-see”), he was afforded the opportunity to experience big city life while working in downtown Manhattan before realizing the major metro scene wasn’t for him. Chris set his sights on Portland and made the move; after only 4 years of residency, he already feels like he’s been calling Maine home his whole life (lamenting over seasonal tourists and how “the traffic wasn’t this bad a few years ago”).
Chris earned a bachelor’s degree in communication from Villanova University and discovered a knack for marketing while interning for the City of New York in the Department of Internet Technologies and Telecommunications. His developing interest in the way society accesses information led him into the field of SEO where he has been carefully honing his skills and building his knowledge ever since. Chris joined Page One with a number of search optimization accomplishments already under his belt, from working in-house to increase organic traffic at a large international company, to successfully optimizing and promoting his personal business in stock photography sales online.
When he’s not tending to 404s or dreaming up new content opportunities, Chris is outdoors enjoying all the things he’s come to love Maine for; mountain biking in the summer, snowboarding in the winter, hosting assorted hiking/camping expeditions year-round, and snapping photos of it all along the way.