Since 1983, WEX has been a fleet card pioneer, steadily building a proprietary U.S. network that has earned site acceptance at over 90 percent of the nation’s retail fuel locations and over 45,000 vehicle maintenance locations. This extensive network has earned the trust of commercial and government fleets, which use our charge cards for their over 7.7 million vehicles to purchase fuel and maintenance services.


Wex came to Page One in need of a new WordPress Multisite Solution that would enable them to streamline the creation of a large number of microsites for their partner companies. Until working with P1WS, Wex had a disjointed catalog of marketing microsites many of which were on different platforms, making it a hassle to manage. Wex required a single unified platform that would allow their internal staff to quickly and easily create and customize new microsites for their client partners marketing campaigns.

They needed a partner to help:

  • Create a custom WordPress MultiSite solution tailored to their specific requirements
  • Define a list of specific administrative roles and associated permissions
  • Design a series of design “themes” (aka templates) for the system
  • Development of custom tools not offered out of the box within WordPress
  • Offer consulting on conversion based web design to maximize ROI


With the underlying goal being to deliver a solution that would be the foundation for all future micro-site development for a large corporation, the specific requirements of this project were fairly rigid. P1WS needed to be sure to meet all of the specific requirements outlined by Wex while also providing strategic input based on our expertise in the areas of UX and conversion-based web design. The end result of this project was a WordPress Multisite solution that has saved Wex both time and money by empowering their staff to improve efficiency and overall ROI from their client partner micro-sites.

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